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First, I had to flash DD-WRT to my WRT400N. Forum discussion: IPv6 worked nicely with my SB6121 modem and the Netgear R6300V2 router running the stock OEM firmware, configured I believe using 'auto-config'.

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The new TP-Link router didn鈥檛 support IPv6, crashed a lot, would randomly stop routing bridged traffic between the wired and wireless interfaces, and did a pretty good job of pissing me off. It鈥檚 OS was based on an older version of either OpenWRT or dd-wrt; and this was the source of my problems. Since it wasn鈥檛 really working I decided Replace the nameservers above if this isn鈥檛 for comcast. It鈥檚 probably possible with a little work to re-write radvd.conf dynamically based on the received dns servers.

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Instructions. Use this script once you have been assigned a SixXS tunnel to connect that tunnel. Once your tunnel has been up for a week, you earn enough credits to request a subnet (/48 IPv6 allocation) which you can then use for hosts on your network. The default DD-WRT file system is read-only, expect for nvram parameters and the available memory in /tmp. JFFS needs a minimum amount of free space to function when enabled.

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para entornos Windows sea AirSnare (http://home.comcast.net/~jay.deboer/airsnare/). Compatible con software de c贸digo abierto (OpenWRT y DD-WRT); Tri-Stream 160 Linksys Avanzada DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem para Comcast, Conector, Soporta la 煤ltima IPv6 protocolo de Internet; Ofrece velocidades de descarga de聽 /proc/net/ipv6-route /proc/net/sctp/snmp /proc/net/tcp /proc/net/wireless /proc/pgid/fd n d.a.b.c d.b d.b.a d.b/2 d.bw d.c.b.a d.cannot d.clear d.d/hox d.denc d.dtranf2 dd-relation dd-svmp dd-wrt/netgear/sercomm/mikrotik dd.biz dd.com dd/dd dns/http dns/ip dns/udp dns1.itd.umich.edu dns101-103.comcast.net dns2.itd聽 驴Cu谩l es el mejor enrutador DD-WRT de largo alcance en India? pueden comunicarse a trav茅s del enrutador mediante el uso de alg煤n direccionamiento l贸gico (es decir, IPv4, IPv6). C贸mo conectar mi enrutador a un m贸dem comcast. comcast. comdlg32.

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I recently upgraded the router's DD-WRT is Linux-based firmware for wireless routers and access points. Originally designed for the Linksys WRT54G series , it now runs on a wide variety of models.

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(As long as your Cable Modem supports IPv6, which mine does) All you need to do is Enable IPv6 in the Netgear Web Interface settings and viola it works. Verified by going to Comcasts speedtest site and I get speed tests for both an IPv4 address and an IPv6 address in the same test run. Most routers provide pretty good IPv6 support at this point but unfortunately, there are exceptions. Notably, I was surprised to learn that DD-WRT IPv6 configuration was ridiculously complex, and I didn鈥檛 feel bold enough to try to enable it. I鈥檓 hoping that DD-WRT can work to improve this in the future. Trying it out Check Public DNS IP Addresses for Comcast DNS Servers in United States Of America.

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Los routers que se ejecutan con firmware DD-WRT se pueden modificar IPv6 es la raz贸n por la que todos los dispositivos que se comunican en la web T-Mobile, AT&T, Comcast son todos ejemplos de proveedores de聽 It might still make sense to get this router if you are planning to install DDWRT on it but if you want to use it with the OEM firmware, stay away. Read more.